benefits of hot yoga

Yoga originated in a warm climate and is much easier on the body when practised this way. We mimic the warmth of India and use infrared heaters in our classes.

The infrared wavelength is a safe and effective way to draw heavy metals out of the body via the sweat. The heat also allows the body to open and the muscles and fascia to stretch. In enables a quicker recovery for muscles and a boost to circulation and cardiac output.

The heat also adds an element of intensity which directs the mind to focus. It builds stamina, focus and concentration overtime with the help of an even, steady breath.

We have two different heat settings for our classes. The "heatwave" class is a more static hatha yoga class which is heated to 39 degrees. The vinyasa and power vinyasa classes are more dynamic and hence only heated to 32 degrees. Both settings enabling a good sweat, stretch and detox.